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My emotions drive my creative process. Color and movement is the way I choose to express my most intimate feelings. I take on the blank canvas with the intention to feel what I am feeling in that moment. The vibe of the painting in the beginning of my process can completely change by the time I decide the painting is complete. Going into each painting with no plan gives my soul the freedom it desires to be present in the here and now. I consistently partake in live painting at electronic music events; the music and crowd contribute in shaping my work.

   As an abstract expressionist, I thoroughly enjoy the many interpretations of my paintings. I find it so fascinating that each person feels and sees something unique according to their perspective. I use acrylic paint to create my pieces and in the future, I plan to work with more mediums and on a much larger scale.



  Kim Rose started her journey as an artist when she was four years old at the Creative Art Space for Kids on Long Island. She loved using all mediums but found herself more intrigued with sculpture. During high school, she was enrolled in the IB Art Program with a focus on sculpture and ceramics. At the time, she had felt that painting and drawing were out of her scope of ability.
   During her junior studying abroad in Rome, she took her first art class in years. It was to her great surprise that she could actually draw. She followed her passion and fascination with the arts after she graduated. From 2016-2017, she enrolled in multiple art courses at Nassau Community College. During the summer of 2017 is when everything changed for Kim Rose; she began taking a formal painting class. This is when she realized she had the talent to create with paint.
   She began to explore expressing her deepest feelings onto the canvas, Her early motifs include acrylic and ink-based crying eyes and figures in yoga poses, relaying that suffering allows for growth. In the past year, her art has shifted to a focus on abstract expressionism. She uses color and movement to depict how she feels, solely using acrylic paint. Kim Rose bases her paintings off how she feels in that moment when the paintbrush strokes the canvas; the process is meditative for her.
   She currently resides in Brooklyn and uses her apartment as studio space. She consistently participates in live painting at electronic music events in Brooklyn. During these events, her paintings are influenced by her emotions, the vibe of the crowd, and the type of music playing. Her work has been displayed at the Greenpoint Gallery and the NYC Pancakes and Booze Art Show. Her next upcoming show will be a solo exhibition at the Klimat Lounge and Art Gallery during the first two weeks of May. 



Thank you for checking out my portfolio, feel free to contact me if you're interested in purchasing one of my pieces and/or if you would like a custom piece.




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